Bass Guitar Secrets by Alex Sampson

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  • Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Guarantee

The first of two bass guitar lesson courses offered by Alex Sampson, Bass Guitar Secrets offers a ‘simple 3-step method that will help take your bass playing to the next level’ – according to Alex. This method makes use of Alex’s CG-X system. If you can get beyond a lot of the hype on the rather long sales page I do firmly believe that for the money, Bass Guitar Secrets is a valuable resource for helping you learn to play bass. Is it as good as the other products reviewed here at Learn Bass Guitar? In truth, probably not. In particular Teach Me Bass Guitar is a far more polished and professional course, but it is also a lot more expensive.

The content of the Bass Guitar Secrets course is largely the two manuals with a whole load of accompanying audio tracks. The fact that there is no video instruction does, in my opinion, make it a little more difficult to work with, however some people may prefer this approach. You also get access to some ‘exclusive’ software, including among others JamBox which provides ‘full band’ tracks to jam along to and GrooveStation which provides tracks with just drums. You also get tuning software and a few other bits and pieces.

I’ve already said that this course is cheaper than the others reviewed here and that’s true – the CD ROM version is just $49.95 and you can get the hard copy version for $97. At these price points Bass Guitar Secrets should be considered if you cannot afford to buy the other courses as I believe you are still getting good value for money here. As with the other courses, you also get a no questions asked money-back guarantee which in the case of Bass Guitar Secrets lasts for a full year!

The Bass Guitar Secrets site has a lot more information along with some sound samples that give you an idea of the sort of things taught in the course, so it’s certainly worth checking it out – just try to see beyond the overly hyped sales patter!

Summary of Bass Guitar Secrets Features:

  • Comprehensive 2 part manual (250+ pages in total)
  • Custom and exclusive software programs (PC and MAC versions supplied)
  • Audio CD kits – including audio samples, jam tracks, commentary and examples from the manuals
  • Supplementary training manuals including “Chord Mastery for Bass Players”
  • Membership of Alex Sampson’s coaching program
  • Certificate giving you lifetime free updates to the two manuals
  • 365-day money back guarantee