Bass Guitar As An Art Form

This may not be the ideal bass to buy if you are just starting to learn bass guitar, but look at it, it’s quite an impressive bit of kit! And, if you have a spare $250,000 you may be able to buy it! This guitar is one of a number of hand-crafted guitars made in Germany by a guy named Jens Ritter. Believe it or not Jens started out when he was just 7, making a bass guitar out of a piece of wood, a food can and some wire for a school project! Later he started re-designing electric bass guitars and at the age of 19 he made his first original bass guitar. Since then he hasn’t looked back, and now produces around 50 to 60 guitars a year, all of them works of art!

The bass pictured above, the ‘Flora Aurum’ is being sold be Wynn & Co for around $250,000 and you can click here for the complete story.  For more information on Jens himself, as well as more stunning bass guitars have a look at his site, Ritter Basses. Look around the ‘models’ section for some gorgeous pictures. The 5-string bass pictured below is one of my favourites, and Jens named this one “The Zephyr Concept”. Right, I promise the next article will be of more use to us in our quest to learn bass guitar, but when I find stuff like this I get a little distracted!


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  1. Amazing designs of bass guitar. Jens is a very talented guy.