Billy Sheehan – ‘Holly Cow!’ he’s a bass guitar genius!

This guy’s a bit of a legend.  Bill Sheehan has sold over 4 million records during his career and played more than 4,000 gigs believe it or not!  He has also been voted “Best Rock Bass Player” 5 times in the readers poll of Guitar Player magazine.

He’s got a new solo album coming out later in the year (April some time) named “Holy Cow!”, hence the shocking post title.  There is also going to be a solo tour to follow the album.

His style may not be for everyone – I must admit I’m not actually a big fan of the style of music – but you have to admit he’s got serious tallent.  See the video below.

So, for some more inspiration you could do worse than watch a bit of his playing and see if that helps you learn how to play bass guitar!