Learn Bass Guitar – a bit about me…and my bass playing history

It just struck me that I haven’t actually written much about me on this site yet, or my bass playing history!

So, yes, I want to learn bass guitar, but I did actually learn to play once before. Some 20 years ago when I was 12 (yes, sadly that means that I am now 32!) I was encouraged to learn a new musical instrument at school. I already sort of played the trumpet, piano and church organ believe it or not (though none of them very well), but I wanted to play something a little more cool! I was asked what I’d like to play and I said electric guitar, to which my music teacher responded “Well, we don’t actually have an electric guitar that you can use, but I think there may be a bass guitar somewhere in the music cupboard, so how about learning that?”. We went and got the bass out of the cupboard (it was a black Fender Precision Bass, like the one pictured) and I thought it looked pretty cool so I said yes….

The next thing that had to be sorted was how I would learn, so I asked if there was a bass guitar teacher I could learn with. The response this time was “Um, I’m afraid we don’t have a bass guitar teacher but we do have a regular guitar teacher – I’m sure he could teach bass”. So that was how it started; I began learning bass guitar from someone who had never picked one up before! The guy, named Mr Rosenburg (I can still remember him!) was quite a character. He sort of reminded me of a cross between Mick Jagger and Jools Holland – with a bit of Eddie Izzard thrown in! To be fair to the guy, he gave it a pretty good go and tried to learn a bit of bass himself in order to teach me, but it wasn’t the best way to try and learn bass guitar! I managed to learn enough to bang out a few notes, and the highlight of my bass playing career was playing some pretty funky (well, they seemed it to me at the time) bass lines in the school production of Bugsy Malone when I was 14. I stopped playing bass when I left secondary school at 15 (I had to give bass back!) and haven’t picked one up since. As part of my drive toward mid-life crisis I feel it’s time to try to learn bass guitar all over again, but I don’t think I’ll look up Mr Rosenburg….