Learn Bass Guitar – with Flea from the RHCP

Having featured Billy Sheehan, whose style I’m not a big fan of, I thought it was time to feature someone who’s style I really like. Enter Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I’ve been a fan of the RHCP for a long time – and I’ve got albums all the way back to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, though I admit the first album I bought was Blood Sugar Sex Magik released in 1991. Seeing some of Flea’s playing certainly made me want to learn bass guitar.

If you’re not familiar with the RHCP, their music or Flea’s bass playing then you may not be aware that Flea isn’t exactly your typical, quiet, stand at the back out of the spotlight sort of bass player.

I’m not suggesting that watching the videos below is going to immediately teach you how to play bass guitar, but it can’t hurt to see what can be done with the instrument. The first video is a lesson on slap bass that Flea put out a few years ago – it features some of the riffs from a couple of Red Hot Chili Peppers tracks. I guess you could try learning the bass guitar from this video!? The second video is Flea playing bass and Chad Smith, also from the Chili Peppers, on drums. They’re just having a laugh jamming together, again playing some of the RCHP tracks.

The Chili’s are currently taking a bit of a break from each other that was originally only meant to last a year. Rumors now are that they may extend the break for a little longer – see links below. I hope they don’t leave it too long to start playing together again.

Enjoy! Then get back to learning the bass guitar.

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  1. One of my influences to get into playing bass was Flea, after hearing their cover of “Higher Ground” I was blown away.

    He’s a really funny and inspiring person also. Good article!